About the band

On the Brooklyn Bridge
Here we are on the Brooklyn Bridge, overlooking lower Manhattan - you can just make out the Twin Towers in the background ...

Die Spitzbuam (pronounced "Sshhpit-sss-boo-ahhmm") are a non-internationally, non-renowned German-American dance orchestra. The name roughly means "Trouble Makers" in the German-Bavarian dialect, however there are arguments that the translation does not fully capture the spirit of the original word. The group is generally contained within the Metropolitan New York area although they have been sighted in locations as far ranging as Rochester, Pennsylvania and even Bermuda, at events that are accompanied by merry-making, food ... and of course beer. Musical selection ranges from traditional and popular German and Austrian numbers, to country/western and rock-'n'-roll. The band is associated with and provides accompaniment for numerous German/Austrian folk dance groups.

Note: The Spitzbuam are not considered dangerous and no caution need be taken when attending events at which they are appearing ... although there is a risk of sore feet and hang overs.