Players - The Regulars

Fred Huber
(Fritze)  Kapitän,Accordion, Keyboard, Lead Vocals

Herb Morscher Jr.
(Doover)  Drums, Percussion, Lead & Backing Vocals, Confroncier

Paul Krische
(Paulie)  Electric and Accoustic Guitars, Lead & Backing Vocals

Peter Blume
(Wicked Pete, Officer Blume)  Trumpet, Flügelhorn, Trombone, Vocals, Arrangements

Pete has a recording all of his own! See the writeups .. The Examiner News Westchester Magazine

Visit Peter at where you can find out more!

Frank Miroddi
Saxophone, Clarinette, Flute, Vocals

Players - Our low end tag team

Ceaser Monitto
 Bass, Lead & Backing Vocals

Neil Brodbeck
(Doc)  Bass, Lead & Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar (the one time Paul didn't make it)

Players - Past Regulars*

Vincent Gugleotti Jr.
Saxophones, Clarinette, Whistles, Percussion, Mentor (xxxx to xxxx+)

  Walter Wedler
(Weedman)  Bass (Six String Baby!!), Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals

Visit Walter at

Walter Ziemann
Vocals, Bass & Acoustic Guitar (from the beginning to xxxx)

Al Brooks
Saxophone (xxxx to xxxx)

Al Mandel
Saxophones, woodwinds of all nature (xxxx to xxxx)

Players - Guest Artists


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